Sustainable pulp packaging

Our products

The most important thing for PulpVision is that our products contribute to a better world. We only work with sustainable materials. Our products are fully recyclable within the existing paper recycle system and they are fully compostable. On request we also produce products made of customer specific material. PulpVision produces products according to the wishes of the customer with a wall thickness between 0,5 – 1,3 mm and with a heigt up to 12 cm.

Our products are made with a newly invented and unique production technique. This technique starts with sucking the pulp tot the female forming ftool, after this the forming tool is pressed against a male silicon tool and with the use of air pressure and vacuum, we take 40% of the water out of the product in this step. Thereafter we bring the products to heated tools where we take out the rest of the water with heat and pressure. The products are then automatiacally stacked by a robot and they are ready to go to the customers. This technique is shown in the drawing below.

This new production technique gives the following benefits:

– The products have smooth surfaces, so they are suitable for automatic processing.
– The productsa re tightly formed, which makes them comparable to plastic products.
– The quantity of products that will fit on to a pallet are similar to plastic products, reducing transport costs.
– The thickness of the materials are comparable to plastic products.

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